DEFCON: B-Sides day one, parties, etc.

B-Sides is a mini security convention happening before DEFCON this
year. That's where Manny, Marly, and I were most of the day yesterday,
and it's where we'll be again today.

Highlight of last night was the Qualys party. We met John Sawyer there
and watched an 80s cover band called Tainted Love. Open bars are great
when you're in a club with $15 beers! (Before that we got free food
and drinks at the Tenable party.) John and his wife Sarah are SUPER
nice. They introduced us to Daniel Suarez, writer of Daemon
( ), a book
that Marly and I have both read and talked a lot about.

I really wished Effie were there for the clubbing! I like clubbing,
but she loves it WAY more.